Parish Council Meetings

Who can attend?

Save for a few rare occasions when confidential business needs to be discussed all meetings of the Council are open to the public and press. Members of the public are encouraged to attend and ask questions during the adjourned section at the start of every meeting. During this adjournment, the District Councillor and County Councillor are invited to present their reports.

Where are meetings held?

The Parish Council normally meets on the second Thursday of every month - except April, August and December. Meetings start at 7.30pm and are held either at the Village Hall, Northiam Road, Staplecross TN32 5QG - or the Arthur Herdman Pavilion, Village Street, Ewhurst Green TN32 5TB (On the Herdman Playing Field).

What is discussed?

Any issues relevant to the work of the Parish Council - including matters affecting the parish generally. When published, the agenda for the next/last meeting - and supporting documents - appear below.


Agenda - 12 September 2019      

Draft Minutes 8 August 2019   

19.71a) RDC Reports     August 2019      September 2019  

19.71b) ESCC Reports    August 2019     September 2019 

19.74 Proposed sub station 

19.75(a) Budget Monitor (31 July)   Earmarked Reserves (31 July)  

              Cash Flow Statement (31 July)      Bank  Reconciliation (31 July)

19.75(b)(i) Bonfire Society grant application

19.75(b)(ii) EGRA grant application

19.75(b)(iii) Village Hall grant application 

19.76 Polling Districts & Places Review

19.79(a)(ii) PID Indicative Cost 

19.79(b) White Hart 

19.81 20th Anniversary Exhibition



Agenda - 9 September 2019 

Draft Minutes - 11 July 2019

Bank reconciliation (31 July) 



Agenda - 9 September 2019 

Draft Minutes - 11 July 2019 

Bank reconciliation (31 July)  


What is the Annual Parish Assembly?

This is actually a meeting of Ewhurst Local Government Electors which is organised on their behalf by the Parish Council. It is usually held in March or April at the Village Hall - with the agenda appearing in the Parish Council's Annual Report, which is delivered to every household.

The 2019 Assembly was held on Tuesday 9 April, 7.15pm at Staplecross Village Hall. When available, the Draft Minutes of the 2019 Assemby may be found here.

Minutes of previous Parish Council meetings

Please note that Minutes do not become the formal record of a meeting until they have been approved for accuracy (usually at the following meeting). Until then they are 'draft' and subject to amendment.



8 August 2019 

25 July 2019 

11 July 2019 

13 June 2019 

16 May 2019 

14 March 2019 

14 February 2019 

24 January 2019 

10 January 2019