Parish Council What it does

Parish councils can  act only  if they have the legal power to do so. In practice there are relatively few activities a parish council cannot undertake - if it does not have a specific power a parish council can either use section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 (subject to a number of restrictions and expenditure limits) or, if it is has the General Power of Competence (like Ewhurst Parish Council), it may do virtually whatever it likes subject to the council being able to show that the proposed activity is in the social, economic or environmental interests of the parish.



Staplecross Playing Field & Children's Play Area (as sole managing trustee)

The Herdman Playing Field and mini orchard (as sole managing trustee)

Staplecross Bowls Green (leased to Staplecross Bowls Club)

Brick hut and land fronting the Village Hall and Staplecross Social Club (leased to Ewhurst & Staplecross Bonfire Society)

St Marks Church car park

Staplecross War Memorial

Ewhurst Green War Memorial

Staplecross Village Gateways

Litter and dog waste bins

Bus shelters

Public benches and picnic benches

Grit bins

Village signs

Cripps Corner red telephone kiosk

Council/Community noticeboards